cci 200 primers 1000 pieces


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cci 200 primers

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cci 200 primers for sale

cci 200 primers

The most accurate handloads begin with the right primer. CCI® Standard Rifle primers are clean burning and provide unmatched reliability. We offer them in sizes to fit most reloading needs.

  • Clean burning
  • Meet most reloading needs
  • Unmatched reliability

CCI Primers are continuously tested and improved. As a result today’s CCI primers are more sensitive, easier to seat and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. They utilize modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible.
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CCI’s #200 Large Rifle Primers are for most standard loads in cases requiring large rifle primers.

Our customers reside all across the country and are governed by numerous federal, state, county, city, and municipality regulations for these types of products. Please consult your area’s laws and regulations governing this product and its use.


  • 100 primers per box
  • Clean-burning initiator compound
  • Easier to seat than ever before
  • For most standard loads in cases requiring large rifle primers

The CCI 200 Large Rifle APS Primers is a pack of 1000 percussion caps used to reload standard large rifle cartridges. CCI Primers utilise non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes selected for their clean burning characteristics. All CCI Primers have a larger anvil area to compensate for firearms that may have an off-centre firing pin and are engineered to enable smooth feeding in automated reloading equipment. The APS (Automatic Priming System) primers are preloaded into colour-coded plastic strips for use in the proprietary RCBS APS primer system.