Glock19 gen 3


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Perhaps the most widely used globally by military and administrations due to its superior capabilities and innovative “Safe Action” security system. The predecessor of pistols with polymer carcasses.
The reliability, durability and precision, as well as safety ease of use and the quality/price ratios are worth remembering.
The availability in the Glock range The range includes: 9x19mm 40S and W 10 mm auto, the 45 GAP and 45 ACP 357 SIG and 380 AUTO
Sizes include standard small, compact, subcompact “slimline” subcompact, and competition without or with lift compensator, with or without threaded barrels with generation 4 and 3 carcass silencing.

Semi-automatic double action pistol 9 x 19 mm caliber Gen 3. It comes in a Glock case, with two magazines and one magazine one cleaning swab made of nylon and 1 manual. For sports use we suggest starting with the moment you purchase the gun and, for a small amount of 10 dollars the fitting on a trigger connector that reduces the initial weight to 2 kilograms.
Original accessories included magazine (15 17-19, 19 as well as 33 rounds) with an adjustable rear sight as well as a luminescent rear sight forward sight. Long lock for magazines (except Gen4) an extended breech stop the magazine holder, holster and flashlight, flashlight or laser etc …  Buy your Glock 19 gen 3 now

Caliber 9 19 mm
Compact range
Fixed front sight Laterally adjustable rear sight Magazine
Capacity 15 shots
Weight: 595 g. empty, 850 g. charged
Warranty of the manufacturer

Mandatory supporting document: – A valid identification Document (Passport or CNI)
License to shoot of this calendar year (stamped at the discretion of the physician)
Sections 1, 2 and 3 of an authorization for detention (<6 months) *

* If you were granted the authorization issued less than six months ago in the aftermath of a recovery only the original authorization 1 must be requested.

For more information, refer to the supporting documents you need to supply:
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