wolf large rifle primers 5000 counts


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wolf large rifle primers

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wolf primers for sale

wolf large rifle primers

Our precision uniformity and sure-fire ignition make WOLF primers the choice for demanding handloaders and competition shooters. It’s consistency you can count on.

  • Reliable and uniform ignition
  • Match quality design will result in better groupings
  • Consistent functioning under adverse weather conditions

This is a Standard Primer with a cup similar to what you see in CCI’s primers Wolf primers look great. They are made in Russia and packaged in 100 rd trays in 1000 sleeves and 5000 cases. They are packed anvil up so no “primer flipping” required. They are ALL BRASS and our tests indicate excellent quality at a lower price than other primers. PRICES ARE PLUS SHIPPING AND HAZ. MAT. TAG 1 = 5000 Manufacturer: WolfStock Number: QQQLRInventory Status: AVAILABLE IN STOCK